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Welcome to September

It has been an incredible summer! While we still have a month to go, August has felt more like September. Here at Klesick Family Farm, we love September. Next week, we start to dig our potatoes—it has been a super “spudtacular” season—I am eager to get those reds and yellows out of the field and onto your plates. Plus, with everything being early, most of the winter squash crop is ripening up as well. We are also starting to see a trickle of our fall raspberries and strawberries, plus a nice crop of apples and pears. September is also soccer season, when Farmer Tristan becomes Coach Tristan to a rambunctious group of six year old boys. This September, we have two other great events/initiatives planned to make our/your September even more fun.

GMO Labeling:
For the month of September, the Klesick Family Farm is going to donate up to $5,000 towards GMO labeling initiatives. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to know if their food is GENETICALLY MODIFIED or altered or engineered. So, I need your help. Here is what I am proposing:  For every new customer that signs up in September, KFF will donate 50% of their first delivery to a labeling initiative. Also, as a thank you for every referral we receive from our existing customers, we will donate 50% of the referring customer’s next delivery as well. Back to school is a great time to encourage our friends to eat more local organic fruits and vegetables, so let’s partner together—you share our service and we make a donation towards GMO labeling!

Water Wells in Kenya:
As a family and a farm, we partner with Crossway International in the drilling of fresh water wells. We believe that access to fresh water is the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty and disease. So this year we are ultra-excited to host the Harvest 5k Fun Run on Saturday, September 28th. This is going to be an on road/off road run. (It may even be a mudder run, depending on the weather.) 100% of the proceeds generated will be donated to Crossway International to drill a well in a community in Kenya. Visit or Facebook “Harvest 5k Run Stanwood” to get more details. Let’s make this a big splash for a local community in Kenya!

The Klesick family is only able to be a partner in accomplishing good because you are our partners. Without your “box of good” purchases, we wouldn’t be able to plow our profits back into these types of great causes. Let’s make September 2013 “the month of good.”