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What a Storm!

Like most of you, we really felt the house being buffeted by the wind.  Joelle and I have a date night with one child every Monday night. Last night on the way home it began to rain in earnest.  Once home Andrew went to feed the Labs and I went to feed the horses.  It was quite a thunder and lightning show and the horses were fairly unsettled with all the activity.  I am sure glad that I was feeding them on the other side of their stalls, because every time lightning flashed they would back up, turn around and head out the other side. Then they would calm down and come back in and start munching again.  After I had finished feeding them, it was about the time that the wind and rain came down in torrents. Naturally, I am nowhere near the house, where it is warm and dry!?!?!? Every gutter was overtopping and I said to myself, “I am going to get wet!” Just as I was beginning my dash to the house a huge gust of wind blew the main horse gate wide open.  EEEEK! Change of plans, secure the gate.

So now I am getting drenched, securing the gate and thanking the Lord that the gate blew open while I was still out there! I have chased lots of livestock in my farming career and I, thankfully, only have to imagine trying to find 3 scared, 1 ton, critters in the morning. They could have been hit by cars or cut themselves on a tractor implement or run through neighbors fence. But all that is purely conjecture because the horses were contentedly waiting for breakfast this morning.  Now we can head out to the fields and do some work.