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What is a farmer to do during rainy stretches?

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  • Wait for better weather!  
  • Repair equipment broken during the sunny stretches.  
  • Pray for good weather to farm again.  
  • Run the kiddos to and from. 
  • Hope the weather prognosticators are wrong or right.  
  • Go to end of the year school concerts.  
  • Lie awake at night and listen to the rain.
  • Sign up for vacation bible schools, track and soccer camps.  
  • Make Sourdough bread, as if I needed a new hobby!

Making sourdough bread is fun and with a little planning relatively little work. Last Friday, Joelle asked for dinner rolls. “Hmmm…,” I thought, “I haven’t made dinner rolls before, but all they are is miniature bread loaves—I can do this.” Of course, when the weather breaks in my favor, this hobby will have to go on the back burner ☺ !