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Chocolate, the Poetry of Love

Capture your Valentine’s heart with the elegance of Theo Chocolate, the exquisite Breadfarm’s cookies or a combination of both in The Essential Chocolate assortment!

Theo’s Casanova Caramel Collection – $8.80 – $26.40

Theo’s exquisite Casanova Caramel Collections will have you swooning as you explore each elegant flavor. Each caramel possesses a unique aphrodisiac quality, so share with that special someone! These collections contain: Ginger Rose Caramel, Honey Saffron Caramel, Grey Salted Vanilla Milk Caramel, and Lavender Caramel.

Casanova Caramel  – 4 piece box: $8.80

Casanova Caramel  – 12 piece box: $26.40

To order your Casanova Caramel Collection, click here.

Seattle’s own Theo Chocolate produces premium organic and Fair Trade specialty chocolate. As the first and only organic and Fair Trade bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the country, all of their ingredients are carefully screened to ensure that they meet their standards for social and environmental responsibility.

The Essential Chocolate Assortment – $22.00

Our own hand-selected assortment of chocolate decadence!

You get a selection of Theo Chocolate: one 3 oz. bar of Theo Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate, one 2 oz. bar of Theo Nib Brittle, one 4-piece box of assorted Casanova Caramels, and then, a bag of Breadfarm’s delightful little Cocoa Niblets! Comes gift packaged in a cream-colored box and tied up with a burgundy ribbon. To order The Essential Chocolate Assortment, click here.

Breadfarm  –  Chocolate Lover’s Cookie Box — $30.00

Only available for the month of February, Breadfarm’s exclusive assortment of premium hand-made cookies! Contains the following: Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Biscotti, Chocolate Thumbprints with chocolate ganache filling, and Espresso Shortbread – (approx 26-32 cookies). To order your Chocolate Lover’s Cookie Box, click here.

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